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Sunday, 18 February 2018
Kimi takes trainer with him
Friday, 20 October 2006

kimiface2McLaren's long time driver fitness trainer, Mark Arnall, is set to move with Kimi Raikkonen to the Ferrari team in 2007.

In an article revealing 27-year-old Kimi's purchase of an apartment in Milan ahead of his new three year tenure, La Gazzetta dello Sport said Mark Arnall - who previously worked with Mika Hakkinen at the Woking based team - is also moving to Italy.

Londoner Arnall, 34, reportedly told McLaren on Wednesday that he would not be seeking a new contract...

kimi_with_mark_arnall_2 "Kimi is easy to work with," he said, "because he really loves sport so it's not like I force him to work."

Meanwhile, it is understood that Raikkonen will maintain Switzerland as his main residence, for tax reasons.


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