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Sunday, 18 February 2018
Renault want a "top" driver
Wednesday, 17 May 2006
f1news.jpgPart of Renault's rush to sign a new 'Concorde Agreement' was to attract a top-class replacement for departing driver Fernando Alonso.

F1 president Alain Dassas, in Barcelona last weekend to sign off the deal with Bernie Ecclestone, also admitted that uncertainty about the future was - with 'Mild Seven' also leaving - similarly marring Renault's quest for new sponsors.

''Some people were not sure,'' he told reporters, ''so we thought it is important that now we have this certainty. We will be there.''...

Frenchman Dassas conceded that - with more certainty about Renault's future beyond 2007 - Alonso might have decided to stick around at the Enstone camp.

He explained: ''I am sure he made his decision for a number of reasons. But we are ready to do what is necessary to have a top driver.''

Asked if he meant that the more favourable deal with Bernie means that Renault can now afford to pay more for a driver, Dassas said 'yes'.

''It will help.

''I am sure Flavio (Briatore) has had serious talks with many people.''


Comments: This is in "F1 news" but it could well be in "Kimi news", too.
Renault wants a top driver, Kimi wants a top team. Maybe they could join forces.

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