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Sunday, 18 March 2018
Kimi 's future known by Canadian GP
Thursday, 27 April 2006
kimiface2.jpg Kimi Raikkonen's future employer should be known definitively around the time of the Canadian grand prix in June.

Although rampant speculation suggests that the Finnish driver's 2007 Ferrari deal is now done, a renewed stay at Woking-based McLaren cannot yet be completely excluded.

His manager, David Robertson, warily told 'Motorsport Aktuell' magazine that the matter would likely be cleared up during the summer.

Without specifically denying the existence already of some sort of Ferrari agreement, Robertson - half of Kimi's management team with his son Steve - suggested that the racing world will probably know about Kimi's future 'in late June'...

It is almost certain that Raikkonen, 26, has already signed a conditional Ferrari contract. According to rumours, it contains a key clause: the right for a continuing Michael Schumacher to veto.

Should this clause be exercised, Kimi would be paid out to the tune of $5m.

Meanwhile, it is also foreseeable that Raikkonen is simply waiting to gauge the true performance of the McLaren package before committing either way. Robertson hinted that the Finn was concerned that Ron Dennis' team had recently lost Adrian Newey, Nicholas Tombazis and Peter Prodromou.


Comments: Rumours, rumours, rumours and rumours. And speculation. I 'm getting tired of all this. At least let 's hope that we 'll know for sure by June.

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