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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

This page contains some interesting links for other Kimi-related or Formula1-related sites. They are divided into categories.

Official sites - Kimi 's official website. - Team McLaren Mercedes 's official website. Frequently updated with press releases, test reports, Grand Prix reports etc. - The official Ferrari website. Frequently updated with racing and F1 news. A flash-enabled browser is required. - The official F1 website. The site updates after every Grand Prix session with interesting statistics (top speeds, sector times etc).


News sites - News, results, statistics, photos, etc. Some pages require subscription, some other are free to see. - News, standings, etc. A free and reliable source. - Racing news, photos, editorials etc (also non-F1). Some content requires subscription. - Another free and reliable source of F1 news.


Various - The F1 Prints of Andrew Lelliott: Comprehensive gallery of limited edition F1 motorsport prints by this talented artist.

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