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Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Mosley sure that new rules will boost overtaking
Monday, 05 January 2009
FIA president Max Mosley will be 'surprised and disappointed' if Formula 1 's 2009 rules overhaul does not result in more overtaking.

An almost complete aerodynamic revamp, allied to the reintroduction of slick tyres and the use of KERS, has been introduced in a bid to improve the racing next year - following growing complaints about the lack of overtaking in F1.

And although early running of 2009 aero parts has left teams with mixed feelings about how much better the racing will be next year, Mosley is confident that things will improve.

"The 2009 aerodynamic regulations were developed by three of the top Formula One engineers, aided by an extensive wind tunnel programme," he said in an interview with the official Formula One website.

"I have no means of judging whether they have got it right, but if they have not, it will be surprising and disappointing. In addition, the KERS system, if fitted, will make a significant difference to overtaking by giving a car an 80hp boost for up to six seconds each lap."

As well as the changes to the regulations, the FIA has also introduced a revamp of its stewarding processes - which will make them more transparent next year.

Mosley believes this in particular will help avoid a repeat of the huge controversy caused in the immediate aftermath of Lewis Hamilton's penalty in the Belgian Grand Prix.

"This change was prompted because people were criticising the stewards' decisions without having the information which the stewards had," he explained.

"The obvious way to deal with this is to make that information generally available. Once people understand why a decision was made, they will be less likely to disagree with it and any criticism will be informed rather than uninformed."

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