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Sunday, 18 February 2018
Raikkonen drives again at Jerez testing
Wednesday, 05 December 2007
Kimi Raikkonen enjoyed his first outing without electronics aids on Tuesday after returning to work following his title-winning season.

The Ferrari driver, who won his first title at the Brazilian Grand Prix over a month ago, returned to action to work on the electronic systems to be used in 2008.

The Finn admitted he was happy to return to work and said it was important to start testing with next year's settings.

"If I had to drive the same Ferrari I had in Brazil, then I would probably have stayed on vacation," Raikkonen told Gazzetta dello Sport. "With with all the new electronics, you have to be here. I can't deny I'm happy to be back behind the wheel."

He added: "Now it's easy to lose control of the car, especially when you accelerate at turn exit.

"That's how it was when I had my debut with Sauber in 2000, but then the 10-cylinder engine helped you a lot because you could play more with the gears and power would come gradually, while with the V8 everything is more brutal.

"In the end, however, driving with these new electronics is enjoyable."

Raikkonen added he is already focussing on clinching a second title.

"Finally no one will ask me anymore when I'll become champion. Now I will concentrate on a second title."


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