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Sunday, 18 March 2018
Kimi hiding in a gorilla suit!
Monday, 30 July 2007
raikkonen gorillaKimi Raikkonen appeared at Hanko's Poker Run boat race last Saturday, as expected - but cleverly did so in a gorilla suit!

Räikkönen succeeded in tricking the audience, who had came to the event to get a glimpse of him. Nevertheless, they had a good laugh when three monkeys came from the sea.

Multi-millionaire Jussi Salonoja parked his boat to next to Kimi's one, getting a lot of attention. The cameras started to flash towards Kimi's friend, when one of the gorillas ran smoothly inside the Ice 11 boat...


For a moment a well-known Formula 1 star's face flashed behind the curtain.

This is not the first time that Kimi is hiding behind a gorilla mask. In October 2004, he had also celebrated a friends' barchelor party in Tampere with a Gorilla suit. The suit meant that Raikkonen was able to spend his night anonymously and quietly.

raikkonen gorilla2In Hanko, the James Hunt name was put in the Gorilla crew's name list. It was the same name alias that Kimi used when he raced at the Snow Circuit race in March.

The fastest boats reached over 200 km/h. Kimi's boat got the prize for best costumes. His wife wasn't at the event as the gorilla crew was all male.

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