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Sunday, 18 March 2018
Q and A with Kimi Raikkonen
Thursday, 15 March 2007
kimi small4Q: Are you worried because of your team mate being quicker than you in testing?

A: No I am not. For sure it will be tight racing. But I cannot see that there will be problems. And Felipe has always been quick. He did not fight badly at all against Michael. Yes it will be close fight for sure. 

Q: How about your experiences in Australia? 

A: It 's quite nice circuit. Generally taken my races have been quite good. Probably I have not had a single race without any problems, but still, however, I have had good results. It is a nice place.

It is always nice to go there and nice to start the season there.

Q: Two different compounds for the race. How much does it affect to setting up the car? 

A: Depends, of course of the circuit. For us in testing both compounds has been working well, especially in Bahrain there were no problems with either compound.  On some circuits there could be problems. Difficult to say beforehand. The tyres will be painted in different colours. That makes it easier for everybody, especially for the spectator to know what 's going on.

Q: Everybody expects you to win the Championship. Does it give any extra pressure, if you won 't be on the podium, because it will be like failing?

A: We have been trying to win many times in the previous years, but we have not succeeded.

Q: But now you should have a car to make it?

A: You never know. We have not done a single race yet. After that we will see what is our position. Whatever may happen. We just hope that everything is working well. The answer to yourquestion is coming just in the end of the season.


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