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Sunday, 18 February 2018
Raikkonen must await his first F2007 run
Wednesday, 17 January 2007

kimi-red-smallKimi Raikkonen will have to wait for some time longer before he gets his hands on the Ferrari F2007.

The Finn will have his first test for Ferrari next week at Mugello. However, the newly recruited star is scheduled to drive the 2006 car, the 248 F1, throughout his three days' session.

At the same time, Brazilian teammate Felipe Massa will drive the sole F2007 chassis for the entire period...

Ferrari explained that the decision was purely because of Massa's experience with prior Ferrari cars, and his ability to convey the necessary information for comparison.

"There's nothing strange about it," explained Aldo Costa, head of the chassis department. "We've decided to have this sort of programme because at the moment we most of all need continuity and reference points."

Ferrari are scheduled to join the other teams for a major test at the end of January, and Raikkonen could have a run in the F2007 at that point. More conceivably, however, he may have to wait a while longer until the Maranello team produce a second chassis.


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