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Sunday, 18 February 2018
Ferrari launches new car
Monday, 15 January 2007

ferrari f1 smallFerrari has revealed details of the car it hopes will return it to world title glory in 2007. The team released technical specifications of its new challenger, designated the F2007, at a behind-closed-doors launch at Fiorano.

Photographers were barred from the event but Ferrari published its own pictures of the car, the fifty-third grand prix single-seater built by the fabled Italian marque.

The new chassis incorporates significant modifications to the 248 F1 the team campaigned last year in terms of layout, bodywork and aerodynamics...

The F2007 features new front suspension that the team describes as “a major conceptual innovation, mainly in terms of aerodynamics”. It also has a longer wheelbase than its predecessor and a narrower rear end, taking advantage of the more sculpted shape of the gearbox housing.

The gearbox itself, which is still mounted longitudinally, is fitted with an innovative “quick-shift” system. The shape of the sidepods and their openings has also been revised, based on modifications to the cooling system, which also implies exits for the radiators on the upper part of the bodywork, while the engine air intake is also substantially different.

For the moment the F2007 has similar rear suspension to the 248 F1, but Ferrari plans to overhaul this once it understands more about the behaviour of the 2007 spec Bridgestone tyres. As with other teams, there will also be a new aero package front and rear before the season-opener in Melbourne on March 18.

As a result of more stringent crash tests that have come into force this year, the F2007 is just under 10kg heavier than the old car. It is expected to hit the track for the first time tomorrow, when Felipe Massa will be entrusted with a shakedown run around the Fiorano track.


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