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Sunday, 18 February 2018
Raikkonen wins in the snow
Monday, 12 March 2007

kimi snow bikeKimi Raikkonen finished his preparations for the new Formula One season in perfect style at the weekend - with victory in a snowmobiling race.

While some of his rivals flew out to Australia to get acclimatized to the time zone and climate, Raikkonen demonstrated his passion for speed by winning the 24-kilometre Enduro Sprint event at the Kopparberg King race in Finland.

Interestingly Raikkonen entered his number 59 Lynx MaMo under the name of 'James Hunt', before his proper name was put on the results sheet...

The reason for entering with Hunt's identity is not known, but it could have been to minimize public interest before the event.

Raikkonen completed the 24km course in 19minutes 38.24 seconds – well clear of second place Pasi Hietalo on a Lynx P-SMK, who finished it in 19m59.68s.


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